Anti-Twin ... gets in shape

New features from Version 1.8
- Placement of windows: more space for result list
- adjustable percentage for name comparison
- improved “Automatic selection”
- faster similarity and image comparison
- new language versions: Italian, Greek, Chinese


New features from Version 1.7
- More search options
- possibility to compare file names
- duplicates can be moved to a new folder (instead of being deleted)
- result list will not be deleted (step-by-step deletion)

New features from version 1.6
- Substantial improvement of similarity comparison (selectable: 60% - 95% matches)
  But: Similarity search (95% or less) takes much more time!
- File date display in search results
- Filtering of files to be searched by size (from/to)
- Possibility to evade the deletion lock for system and program directories
- If search run is cancelled, results found so far will now be displayed
- Possibility to save list of results as Excel-/OpenOffice-table
- Reduction of program priority – you can now continue to work while files are searched
- Similarity search for pictures (pixel-based)
- Image preview / thumbnails
- Translations in Spanish, Turkish and Hungarian

2008-04-12: Version 1.8, see above

2007-10-06: Version 1.7, see above

2007-04-21: Version 1.6, see above

2006-07-09: Version 1.5b, GUI in German or English

2006-06-25: Version 1.5, File filter for file extensions

2005-12-18: Version 1.4, Pre-selection of folders to delete

2005-01-03: Version 1.3, Similarity Comparison

2004-10-12: Version 1.2, only minor modifications

2004-08-13: Version 1.1, now with Selection List and 2nd Folder

2003-01-17: Version 1.0 released