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Result list and selection
Excel export

Result List

After the duplicate search, Anti-Twin will display a selection list showing the found files. Files displayed within one color-coded section are identical or similar (depending on the search method you selected). Files displayed in a different section may not have any similarity with the aforementioned files. The similarity must be considered separately in each block.

Select for Deletion

To mark individual files for deletion, checkmark the relevant files. Up to version 1.7 the marker is a checkmark, from version 1.8 it is a red box (see the following symbol legend). To change the marking, click on the box in front of the relevant file name.

If there are many search results, a manual selection is without doubt very tedious. Anti-Twin therefore offers a selection help for the entire list...

Up to version 1.7: Clicking on the button “Automatic selection” will open an additional window for the selection of (non)deletable folders. Anti-Twin will automatically pre-select files considered to be ready for deletion.

From version 1.8: The function “Selection by folders” corresponds to abovementioned function. V1.8 will, however, strictly adhere to your pre-selected folders.
The function “Selection by properties” will try to delete all files except for one file per block, which least matches the selectable properties.

Warning: Anti-Twin does not understand the interrelation between the individual files. For Anti-Twin, all files are equally (un)important!
Therefore, please note that the selection by mass functions must be checked before deleting files.

Delete or Move

Clicking on “Delete selected files” will open a window where you can select whether to send the highlighted files to the recycle bin, to move them to a different order or to delete them permanently. Please only select the recycle bin option if the files are stored on an internal hard disk and if there is sufficient capacity in the recycle bin for the selected files.


Anti-Twin does not have a restore function for deleted files. Files that have been sent to the recycle bin can be restored from there if the recycle been was not full and could store all deleted files. Files that were deleted directly and permanently cannot be restored.

If files were moved to another folder still have their duplicates on the corresponding drive in the folder “antitwined”, for example C:\antitwined\.
To restore these files, open the folder “antitwined” with the Windows Explorer (My Computer) and select all contained sub-folders and files (Ctrl+A). Then press Ctrl+C (Copy) and go back to the hard disk with the Windows Explorer by clicking on the hard drive. Press Ctrl+V (Paste) to copy the files to the hard drive. The following message will be displayed: “This folder already contains a folder named xy. Would you like to replace the existing folder?” Confirm the message(s) by clicking on “Yes to all”. Now everything should be at the right place.

Excel Export and Your Own Evaluations

Some users are not interested in the deletion function but use Anti-Twin to find chaotic file repositories, e.g. unnecessary file copies. This is particularly interesting for administrators of company networks who have to rap on the employees’ knuckles every now and then.
Anti-Twin therefore provides the possibility to export the result list as Excel® file. The Excel table can also be used for automatic evaluations. By the way: The export is even possible if Excel is not installed on the PC, i.e. the export function can e.g. also be used by OpenOffice users.

- Files with a size of more than 2 GB are not included in the comparison (Win9x file size limit)