Getting Started Guide

1.) Clicking on the button “Select folder” in the Anti-Twin program will open a folder selection dialog where you can select a directory on your hard disk. The selected directory will then be displayed in the input field "Basic folder".

You do not necessarily need the second folder, only if you e.g. wish to compare the content of two different sectors, e.g. a folder copy (back-up directory) or e.g. a hard disk with a CD (see Folders).

2.) Apart from the other folder options, select which search method to use for the duplicate file search.

The fastest method is the search for file names. When comparing file content, the 100%-comparison method is still relatively quick. However, the content comparison with 95% or less is almost unacceptably slow. If required, you can also combine the comparison of names and content (see Compare).

3.) Clicking on the button “Search for duplicate/similar files” will start the search of the selected basic folders and all contained sub-directories for duplicate files. The search process is displayed continuously. For more information about the search result see Result list.

Note on the following ...
Please note all Warnings on this website’s pages!

3.) For a quick deletion of duplicate files, Anti-Twin offers the function “Automatic selection” (Version 1.7) or “Selection by folders/properties” (Version 1.8). This will highlight all files considered to be suitable for deletion. Anti-Twin 1.7 still makes an automatic selection, which may however only be considered as a recommendation. The selection must be checked and adapted to individual requirements (see Deletion).

4.) If you wish to delete the selected (checkmarked) files, clicking on “Delete selected files” will open a window in which you can choose whether to send the highlighted files to the recycle bin, to move them to a different order or to delete them permanently.
Please only select the recycle bin option if the files are stored on an internal hard disk and if there is sufficient capacity in the recycle bin for the selected files.