Word OLE Automation
Error Message: The stub received bad data.

This is a treacherous bug, because it is caused by the Microsoft® Office Package and it only occurs on a few PCs, but in all Office versions from Word 97 to Word 2007.

After having puzzled over its cause for a long time, we finally found an error report and created a bugfix/patch for Office.

Download: WordBugfix.zip

Technical background:
The error only occurs when using the Find object (search/replace). Microsoft has assigned the same ID-number (GUID) to this Word object as for an outdated Excel® 5.0 library. If the Excel library - for whatever reasons - is registered after the latest Word library, the identities are mixed up. The bugfix above re-registers the Word library. This should solve the problem. It's a pity Microsoft has not managed to adapt the Office setup and solve this problem in the last 10 years.
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