Jörg Rosenthal Software Development is an IT company that was founded in 1996. Until 2002, we focused on the supply of goods and services. We equipped our customers with computers and installed networks and software in the area of Lippstadt, Germany. Since 2002, we have been specializing in the development of software. Today, our core business is the development of individual database solutions.

Our best-known software is an integral part of “Eucon PartsPool (Germany)”, an information system for the administration and analysis of more than 12 million vehicle components. The system is used by European car manufacturers and automotive suppliers for the comparison of vehicle components and for market research purposes.

In 2003, we started the direct sale of our in-house developments with the key and master key system management software KEY ORGANIZER.

Being a flexible and customer-oriented company, we set a high value on good customer relations and the provision of excellent customer support. In recent years, we have reacted to numerous of our users' requests and requirements and added increasingly elaborate functions to the KEY ORGANIZER.
Software Development
Analysis, software solutions, programming, implementation and support.
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The professional and perfect solution to manage key issuance and master key systems.
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Freeware - Useful tools and helpers

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