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Software Development

We specialize in the development of individual and purpose-built database applications. Our expertise in mass data processing is your advantage in each project phase from the requirements analysis and the joint development of a solution to the programming and implementation phase and the provision of excellent customer support.

Our best-known software is an integral part of "Eucon PartsPool (Germany)", an information system for the administration and analysis of more than 12 million vehicle components. The system is used by European car manufacturers and automotive suppliers for the comparison of vehicle components and for market research purposes.

In 2003, we started the direct sale of proprietary developments with the key and master key system management software KEY ORGANIZER.

Being a flexible and customer-oriented company, we set a high value on good customer relations and excellent support. In recent years, we have reacted to numerous of our users' requests and requirements and added increasingly elaborate functions to the KEY ORGANIZER.
Administration of Key Holders
Our efficient KEY ORGANIZER software for the management of door keys and master key systems is network-compatible and can be operated by several users at the same time.

Key Organizer

Who has a key to the side entrance? Where is the key to the archive? Does Mr. Smith have access to this room? If these questions sound familiar to you, this program will rapidly provide the answers you need: » Key Management for Key Systems