Window Resizer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

question How do I exit the program?
Clicking the [X] in the top right corner will not close the program but will minimize WinResizer as icon into the system tray. To exit the program, select Exit WinResizer (Ctrl+Q) under File in the program menu or right-click the Tray Icon.

question Is it possible to start the program minimized?
You can e.g. create a shortcut in the startup folder to start the program any time you start Windows. The program will run as tray icon as soon as you suffix the parameter “tray” to this autorun shortcut.

question Is it possible to save the selected window size for future sessions (after rebooting Windows)?
Unfortunately, this is not yet possible. I thought about implementing this option, but as WinResizer can only identify the windows by the window title (after rebooting Windows), this turns out to be difficult. However, the window titles vary in many programs, e.g. if you open another document or e.g. if you change to another page in your internet browser. Nevertheless, it is surely possible to add this function. Because of time constraints I am afraid I will probably not be able to modify the program within the next weeks/months.