In German my name sounds quite nice, but from an international perspective, it is rather unintelligible. My first name Jörg (with umlaut transcription: Joerg) derives from George (or Jorge in Spanish).
My surname Rosenthal means rosedale / rose valley.

About the author:

I am a passionate software developer. As a teenager I got my first home computer in 1985 (Amstrad-Schneider CPC 6128) and taught myself the beginner's programming language BASIC. A little later, Machine Code (Assembler) followed.

In 1999, I quit my office job to turn my hobby into my profession. After having worked as a software developer on call for a few customers for a some years, I now develop and distribute software like the KEY ORGANIZER and ANTI TWIN.

In 2008, I launched English and Spanish versions of my software. Unfortunately, I was anything but interested in foreign languages in my school days, and now I have to pay the price for my lack of interest. Therefore, I advertised for translators in my hometown and found kind translators who support me well. Nevertheless, we are not yet able to provide phone support in English or Spanish. We therefore ask you to send us an e-mail with your requests and ideas.
  Please excuse my complicated web address. To avoid having to enter it manually, I recommend you bookmark this site.

It would have been possible to find a nicer domain name, but there are so many trade marks that I might have infringed someone's rights by mistake. So I decided to use my name for my multilingual website.

Jörg (41)